Young and unprepared = unemployed?

Unemployment of a young generation currently represents a problem for the whole Europe. We mistakenly believe that this fact applies only to immigrants and foreigners. Yes, undoubtedly a part of foreigners who find themselves in a different country with a different economic standards, takes part. However, we don’t have to go far to see that for example in Greece or Spain the number of unemployed young people (between 18 and 25 years) reaches over 50 percent. In the Czech Republic, despite the (still) low percentage, according to experts this problem will get worse.

According to data from the World Bank, in the next ten years, the European market will get more than a billion young unemployed peopleUnpreparedness and a lack of education is the cause of this problem and it is recent.

One billion? It is more than appropriate to prepare young people for their arrival on the labor market, to better educate and prepare them. Understanding their own qualities and abilities can help those “newborns” among employees to be able to maintain their job positions and gain the necessary confidence.

Live2Work project aims to prepare youth, who are affected by this problem, via psychological group courses, and to help them successfully integrate into society, thereby reducing not only the number of unemployed, but more the number of young people, who literally lives day by day. Thanks to the methods of a positive psychology they can realize their strengths, enhance characters and develop skills. The project involved several partners’ schools (and you are right, PELICAN represents one of them), education institutions or even people who are directly involved in this issue and works with youth.