Technical Sheet

Activity IdentificationDimensionNumber of ParticipantsDuration (minutes)
6 VIA Online Assessment (values in action)SELF KNOWLEDGE1 - 1220 - 30

The aim of the Activity

To help participants identify and explore their personal Character Strengths.

Gaining insight into and knowledge about one’s character strengths enhances the possibility of reinforcing these. Knowledge and awareness of personal Character Strengths is both motivating and useful when trying to create lasting improvements in life.

An additional assessment of one’s Character Strengths can be used for comparing and reflecting upon the results from the Solitaire exercise. This can strengthen a positive narrative and outlook on the opportunities in life.


Print handout 6 Values in Action to register the results of the VIA Survey. One for each participant.


Computer, Internet access, and printer to print out the test result. Email account. In the case of no printer, you can register the result in the handout.


  1. Taking the online survey requires a sign-up and email. Either each participant creates their own account, or the facilitator creates one for the use of participants.
  2. The webpage provides a free online survey for the participants. Register at the to take the free online survey via this link.
  3. The participants can complete the test and print out the results in their first language.
  4. The participants must answer all the questions (120) to get the final result. Print out the results or handout 6A - Values in action, so that the participants can register their results.
  5. Ask the participants to present their results of the profile to the group and have them tell how they see themselves reflected in it.
  6. If you think it could be interesting for the group, you may ask the participants to relate their results to the activity: 4 My strengths – Solitaire.

Observations / Suggestions

This activity may be combined with the ‘Solitaire’ activity and discussed in groups if there are any different outcomes between the two activities. This discussion can be quite interesting, depending on the relationship between the facilitator and participants.

This activity can also be combined with the activity My strengths – strength spotting interview.
The assessment is American, and the questions can reflect another culture than that of the facilitator and/or the participants. E.g., the questions regarding Transcendence. Please reflect upon the relatedness of the questions and try to adapt the word to the culture.