Technical Sheet

Activity IdentificationDimensionNumber of ParticipantsDuration (minutes)
1B The Group ContractPRE-TOOLS1215 - 20

The aim of the Activity

This exercise can be used after the Individual Contract and as a preliminary activity before any other activity.

To create the best possible circumstances for the participants and to gain a shared sense of community and commitment, the facilitator and the participants formulate a group contract together.

Based on the reflections and goals made in the Individual Contract, participants can co-create a common work ethic and a common intention of interaction and collaboration within the group.

It is the role of the facilitator to facilitate this exercise and thereby create a shared set of goals and values for the programme for all involved.


A copy of the handout Individual Contract (already filled out by the participants).

Print out the Group Contract (if possible in A3 format to hang as a poster on the wall for every participant to see, otherwise A4 will do (one for each participant to serve as inspiration).

A space for making a mind map (flipchart or black/whiteboard).


At this point, all participants have been introduced to the Live2Work programme and filled out and shared some of the goals and expectations formulated in the Individual Contract.

  1. To create a group contract, the facilitator and the participants design a mind map illustrating the common values, rules and goals they might apply when attending the workshops. Spend between 10 or 15 minutes on this.
  2. With all thoughts and ideas expressed, the group in its entirety (facilitator and participants), agrees on which values, rules, and goals should be submitted to the Group Contract. Voting, for example, can help you achieve consensus.
  3. When the contract has been finalised, all participants and the facilitator sign it as a sign of commitment to the programme and each other.
  4. Finally, the contract can be handed out to each participant and/or hung up in the class for all to see and remember.

Observations / Suggestions

Returning to the Group Contract at the end of the week or during the programme can be useful to either remind the participants of their common commitment or to show them how successful they have been, in staying committed to the common goals you have agreed upon.

Source / Links / Further Information

If you would like to know more about autonomy motivation: Motivation and Self-determination by Deci and Ryan (2000).

How to distinguish between perceptions, expectation and preferences, based on the work of Tinsley et al. (1988, quoted in Shivy & Koehly, 2002, p. 41).