Technical Sheet

Activity IdentificationDimensionNumber of ParticipantsDuration (minutes)
10 Exploration of OccupationsWORLD KNOWLEDGE8 - 12120

The aim of the Activity

To motivate the participants to explore different opportunities for jobs, occupations and education, which they might consider for a future career.


Print handout 10 Interview Guide for Information Search. One for each participant.


Internet access and computer skills for online research.


  1. Hand out the Interview Guide for Information Search questionnaire to the participants and ask them to choose an occupation, job, or education of their interest.
  2. Have the participants fill out the questionnaire by searching for information regarding companies or educational institutions of relevance to their interest on the Internet
    and / or by visiting one or more of the companies / educational institutions.
  3. In the end, ask each participant to present all the information collected about their
    job / occupation, e.g. using a PowerPoint Presentation or using collages.

Observations / Suggestions

The participants can use the results from Self-Assessment for exploration of interest for optional future jobs.

The participants should document sources of the various information (E.g., the facilitator, the internet, journals, employee at the company or institution in question etc.) for future reference.

Source / Links / Further Information

The list of web pages from Denmark, Portugal, and the Czech Republic will provide inspiration in the following areas:

Links from Denmark

Educational inspiration

Career inspiration webpages

Job training related webpages

Links from Portugal

Educational and Job training inspiration

  • Garantia Jovem
    Website with information of organizations in Portugal by city, that can help you find training courses, job search, or education – National Program: Garantia Jovem.
  • Qualificia
    Website with information of Qualification Centers in Portugal, that can help you to design an education/ training path according to your personal profile – National Program: Qualifica.
  • Juventude
    Website with specific information concerning youth and their interests (culture, education, employment).

Career inspiration webpages

Links from the Czech Republic

Educational inspiration

    A great internet server offering thousands of education and retraining courses from the public as well as private institutions.
  • EduCity
    A great internet server offering hundreds of open retraining courses, provided by both public and private institutions.

Career inspiration webpages

  • Infoabsolvent
    A great internet server and information system ISA+, which helps absolvents to start a suitable career in both education and employment terms, offering professional tests of abilities and insights into technical professions.
  • Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům
    Organisation for help to refugees, which cooperates closely with a refugee centre in Zastávka u Brna and is a focal point of foreigners dealing with various issues related to their stay in the Czech Republic, incl. qualifications, retraining courses, job search, family issues, etc.

Job training related webpages

  • Centrum vzdělávání všem
    A career centre in Brno, whose aim is to help with professional development to all persons interested from the age of 14. Offers a great amount of job-related training courses, as well as inspiration and conceptual workshops for persons in the situation of professional vulnerability.
  • Internetový portal MPSV
    Official web page of the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs, offering hundreds of retraining courses according to regions and specializations.