A handbook of conceptual framework for the project and the problem of (re)construction of life projects of people in situations of professional vulnerability. The first section presents our project in terms of its objectives, distinctive characteristics, and synthesis of each of the different stages and outputs. The second part focuses on the social relevance of this project, through the presentation of demographics, educational, and employability contexts in the different European countries, with particular emphasis on the situation of migrants and refugees.

The Manual also includes a reflection on the importance of including the theme of social justice with this target audience, along with the knowledge and skills of professionals working in the life project construction field. The third part analyzes the different theoretical contributions (eg, from the career normative models, career design, construction and management models, career systemic models, and career culturally adequate models) that were taken as basis for the development of the theoretical rational that supports the toolbox. Finally, the fourth part of the manual presents the four modules that derive from the theoretical rational and in relation to which the pedagogical activities were developed. Information about the pedagogical approach, organization, procedures and structure of the activities of the toolbox is also provided in this output.

We have a lot of work behind us. We have succeeded in completing the content for the IO1 Conceptual Framework and content for Toolbox within IO2. For both of these outputs, we designed a template based on the project brand manual that we use on our website. The aim of the design was to create sexy and catchy documents that will be intuitive, well structured, easy to read and understand by end-users. After the testing phase and gathering feedback from partners in cooperation with the end-users it would be possible to improve and adapt the documents for better use with the target group.

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