The Workshop Modules

The workshop can include all dimensions, depending on the competencies of the end users and their needs. The LIVE2WORK workshop modules cover four dimensions:

  1. Self-knowledge
  2. World knowledge
  3. Transitional Skills
  4. Decision-making

For each dimension, there are different sets of tools for the development of skills. It is possible to choose which tools to explore more in depth with workshop end users, but we do advise that all four dimensions are covered, in order to give a holistic view of the process. If workshop end users already have knowledge and experience in using some of the tools, then focus should be placed on tools they do not already have experience with.

Three-Day Workshop Schedule

Figure 12 Three-day workshop schedule

After the workshop, a follow-up session would be advised. This would normally take place after the end users have had a chance to try the tools in their professional lives. The feedback/follow-up session can be a great help for those, who have encountered some difficulties, or have doubts about the way they are working with the tools. If end users are not offered a follow-up session, a significant number may revert to their old ways, not long after they encounter a problem or difficulty.