NOTE TO THE CONSORTIUM: The feedback received during the national piloting and synthetized in this report, would be further analysed by the L2W Consortium, in order to decide which suggestions and recommendations we can take on board or adapt to suit the needs of our end users, and how this can be done from a work-load point of view. We need to take into consideration what we have promised to deliver in the approved application, and keep in mind that first the original outcomes and activities should be delivered and only then, the additional outcomes.

The partners already devoted hard work to improve key outcomes, and the Toolbox that is at this stage much larger than we originally promised.

The partners will decide which would be the most “necessary” changes to take on board and will pay attention not to develop “too many” additional features. We need to ensure that we do not overdo this as well in terms of content but targeting the quality of the existing content.