Conceptual Framework

The present conceptual framework is organized in four main parts.


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Part 1 – Project Live2Work

The first part aims to present the Live2Work project with respect to its purpose, general objectives, and distinctive characteristics, as well as to summarize the different stages and outputs developed.

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Part 2 – Social Backgrounds

The second part focuses on the social relevance of the project, starting with an analysis and evaluation of the current European context on a set of migration, demographic, educational, and employability issues, and analyses the main understandings on social justice.

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Part 3 – Innovative contributions to the rationale related to the construction of life projects with people in social vulnerability situations

The third part analyses different theoretical contributions for the construction of life projects in people in situations of professional vulnerability, constituting the conceptual basis of the intervention.

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Part 4 – Intervention

The fourth part presents the rationale and structure of the activities that constitute the toolbox an also explain the target group and the end-users.

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All major terms of Live2Work project explained.

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