International Conference L2W

International Conference Live2Work: Increasing the chances for successful integration of people in situations of professional vulnerability Date: January 11th and 12th 2019 Venue: Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal  Registration to the L2W International Conference This form is currently closed for submissions. Presentation Goals Awareness about the processes of the development of life projects with […]


Online videos

During the first half of the year, preliminary versions of the first two videos – Tutorial and Self-knowledge – have been produced and released for comments by partners. Videos about world knowledge and transitional skills were filmed in October. Nowadays, the video about Self-knowledge has been approved for upload to YouTube, while the other ones […]



A handbook of conceptual framework for the project and the problem of (re)construction of life projects of people in situations of professional vulnerability. The first section presents our project in terms of its objectives, distinctive characteristics, and synthesis of each of the different stages and outputs. The second part focuses on the social relevance of […]

What we are doing


In Denmark, the teams have been working hard on completing the final contents for the toolbox. This includes pedagogical descriptions of tools, and ensuring that all the tools are user friendly, comprehensive and relevant for end users. The course guide and course PowerPoint have also been prepared, to assist our teams in running Live2Work pilot […]


Young and unprepared = unemployed?

Unemployment of a young generation currently represents a problem for the whole Europe. We mistakenly believe that this fact applies only to immigrants and foreigners. Yes, undoubtedly a part of foreigners who find themselves in a different country with a different economic standards, takes part. However, we don’t have to go far to see that for example in […]