When going through a transition, it is important to have the support and encouragement from others. Having and observing a role model that has the competencies, strengths or attitude one would like to acquire can increase the belief in one’s performance and actions and thereby one’s self-efficacy. A good role model can inspire and show the participant the first and next stepping stone, so it becomes more manageable to move into a new unknown area.

This activity will help the participants identify good relations and support persons that can act as role models. It also creates awareness of the potential strengths and support that exist in their network, as well as giving participants a clear idea of who to contact for different kinds of support.

To wrap up the activity each participant will need to identify and contact a minimum of one role model who can and will support the person in their life-changing project.

To help the participants become aware of and create an image of their actual social life and network. Mapping network relations enable the participants to explore and discover supporting resources and opportunities available to them when working on reaching one or more goals.

This activity will also help the participants identify, find and contact the persons who will support them in their life-changing project and discover meaningful relations from their network and the community.

When going through a transition, it is important to have support and encouragement from others.

Keep in mind: That it is also important that the participants identify eventual relations that are not that beneficial for them in reaching their goals.

To motivate the participants to explore different opportunities for jobs, occupations and education, which they might consider for a future career.

To help each participant get a clearer view of their soft skills and competencies and of their opportunities in a future job or education.

When each participant focuses on and analyses the various skills regarding a specific job or education, it enables him or her to turn weaknesses and threats into opportunities and to create strategies for getting the job or education.

To strengthen the self-knowledge and the ability to reflect upon one’s own skills and interests each participant by making them focus and reflect upon their vocational and personal identity, interests and skills.

To discover, consider, or confirm suggestions for the pursuit of each participant’s professions or other future possibilities.

To get to know oneself and gain an idea of what to pursue. These are the key elements when developing one’s career path.