This exercise can be used after the Individual Contract and as a preliminary activity before any other activity.

To create the best possible circumstances for the participants and to gain a shared sense of community and commitment, the facilitator and the participants formulate a group contract together.

Based on the reflections and goals made in the Individual Contract, participants can co-create a common work ethic and a common intention of interaction and collaboration within the group.

It is the role of the facilitator to facilitate this exercise and thereby create a shared set of goals and values for the programme for all involved.

The Individual Contract is one of the pre-activities in the programme.

The role of the facilitator is to give the participants an introduction to, and to enable reflection on, expectations and goals for participation in the global L2W programme or a selection of activities.

The Individual Contract explores the individual’s perceptions, expectations, and preferences to the programme, as a way to enable reflection and enhance the sense of commitment to the programme.

Reflecting on one’s own perceptions, expectations, preferences, and commitment before starting a new process in life, enables each participant to have a clear idea of where they are heading, why they are going there, and how. This knowledge can serve as a motivation for active participation, contribution and creating ownership in the process. This is a necessary step to achieve the goals they have set out for themselves.

When working with a group of participants it is beneficial for the overall group dynamics, to let each participant share one or two of their reflections. When expectations and goals are shared, it boosts the sense of community and commitment, because the participants have the possibility to motivate and support each other.